Developments for industrial activities. Multidisciplinary. Multisectoral.


Turnkev solutions for electrical and mechanical assemblies.

At NTV Solutions we integrate all the elements that make up the equipment/machine to deliver in each project. To do this, our technical staff coordinates with the client to guarantee deliveries on time and with the highest quality. The different components are received, inspected and integrated according to indicated specifications. Finally, the appropriate FAT tests and quality inspections is done. Integrations may require the participation of different partners, for which NTV Solutions is the ideal "conductor".


The science of solutions

Any complex project requires bringing together different engineering experts. At NTV Solutions we are specialist in finding and synchronizing the different necessary professionals make it real. We lead the development of the project coordinating its different participants, always seeking a win win relationship.

Mechanical, electrical and electronic assemblies

No matter if they are simple or complex. Each project, a challenge.

Mechanical assemblies.
Tanto por nuestra multidisciplanierad, como por nuestras instalaciones, podemos ofrecer diferentes soluciones para montajes mecánicos. Desde pequeñas reparaciones hasta la fabricación y ensamblado de distintos conjuntos complejos.

Electrical and electronic assemblies.
Nacido como un servicio complementario a la integración de equipos, en NTV Solutions hemos desarrollado la capacidad de industrializar cuadros eléctricos y montajes electrónicos acorde a la ingeniería inicial propia o de nuestro cliente. Todo ello de una forma competitiva en costes y calidad.

PV Stations

Any inverter, any transformer, any switchgear. Better together.

We design and integrate any type of Power Station or BESS solution for the renewable industry. Whether in metallic skid or in maritime container.
From design and engineering, to assembly in a photovoltaic park. Both for one unit projects and for mass production of maximum power equipment.
We are regular power stations integrators, also making the FAT that makes finally a Power Station a "plug & play“ station.


The origin of NTV Solutions.

We are specialists in the design and management of the logistics flow for each project. At NTV we develop competitive logistics solutions that are always adapted to each scenario. Regardless of the sector of action, flexible solutions are presented for each project, both in terms of location, human team and time.
Although we are specialists in handling heavy or bulky loads, we also carry out picking, repackaging or quality inspections.


The art of doing things right.

One of the great pillars of NTV Solutions is our own quality management system, integrated into all the organization's processes. integrated into all the organization's processes. We firmly believe in the quality management model based on processes. This allows us to apply and offer it as a service in a natural way.
Esto nos permite aplicarlo y ofrecerlo como servicio de forma natural.

Our quality system allows:
· Assurance of quality, complying with all the requirements demanded in each of the process phases.
· Report of perfectly traced records to guarantee their follow up over time.
· Inspections of any type of material, also carrying out the verification requested for each case. We rely on approved organizations if necessary.
· External and internal audits to minimize the risk of failure or nonconformity.
· We develop and implement quality plans and traceability control.
· Audits to our suppliers and partners.