Desde nuestros inicios, en NTV Solutions hemos estado vinculados al sector eólico, llegando incluso a albergar en nuestras instalaciones a uno de los mayores fabricantes de aerogeneradores del mundo. De hecho, actualmente seguimos realizando actividades para distintos fabricantes del sector.
In addition, wind industry has always been a key activity sector for our region, so we are perfectly integrated into that industrial network. This allowed us to understand and attend this sector’s needs, which makes its solutions completely different from any others.


Being one of the growing sectors in recent years, we can say that we are one of the largest integrators of power stations. In addition, we can provide product engineering and manufacturing in each project. Together with our clients, we participated in the construction of the largest photovoltaic parks in the world, thus contributing to the global energy transition.


After power generation, one of the next challenges facing renewable energies is its storage for entry into the net and consumption. At NTV Solutions we participate in this challenge by offering our capabilities for the development of BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems). These systems will play a key role in sustainability in the coming years.


In a sector as mature and competitive as automotive, we participate as an integrated warehouse in the supply chain of different component manufacturers. In addition, our ability to adapt allows us to offer our services to the new needs demanded by the electric vehicle's challenges.


At NTV Solutions we are integrated as a finished product warehouse in one of the largest fried tomato manufacturers in the world. Moving and storing thousands of pallets throughout the year, our flexibility and availability allow us to attend the demands of an essential sector for society.